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Jingting Mountain to kick off seven new projects
Updated: 2014-06-24

In March this year, the city of Xuancheng in Anhui province made some adjustments in the management system of Jingting Mountain and established a management committee for Jingting Mountain tourist resort. Sorting out the management system will further accelerate the construction of the one thousand-year-old mountain.

This year, Jingting Mountain tourist resort will launch seven construction projects, two continued projects and set about the preliminary work of nine projects. With the implementation of these projects, Jingting Mountain will be developed into No.1 Poem Mountain and a high-quality cultural tourist resort combining ecology, culture, amusement and experience with knowledge.

Poetic Path in Jingting Mountain is one of the newly-launched projects and a key construction this year. Poetic theme spaces within the pavilions, pine trees, bamboos, plums, chrysanthemums, ancient temple, streams, birds, and so on will be built on Jingting Mountain in order to form different characteristics. This project will come into operation in July and the main work will be completed before National Day this year.

The renovation project of the central village of forest farms has passed the preliminary examination stage. The preparatory work of Taibai Tea House is ready now. The other four new projects are the construction of Shuangguang Road, the renovation of Taibai Mountain villa, construction of Huanshan South Road and environmental renovation of the twin Pagoda Temple (Shuangta Temple) and natural scenery in Guangjiao Temple.

The nine projects whose preliminary work are in progress in Xuancheng include the tourism distribution and service center of Jingting Mountain, the Cultural Expo Park of Chinese Poetry, the small Xie-culture slow city, the retaining dam of Shuiyangjiang River, Jingting wet land, a small town full of perfumed tea, Cema Tage (spur the horse and dance accompanied by singing) International Equestrian Club, Huangcheng North Road construction project and parking lot of Guangjiao Temple construction project. There, in the Cultural Expo Park of Chinese Poetry, elegant square, Libai Statue, China Poetry Forests and so on will be built. The Cultural Expo Park of Chinese Poetry will be the center of poetry expo in Jingting Mountain.