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Seven Hefei bus stations launch mobile ticketing via WeChat
Updated: 2014-05-27

Starting on May 20, seven bus stations in the city of Hefei, Anhui province, including Hefei Bus Station, launched a mobile ticketing service via WeChat.

To use it, passengers can first search the public account "Hefei bus transport" via Wechat and then purchase bus tickets departing from Hefei through their phones.

WeChat online ticketing is available for all bus stations in Hefei, but for now, mobile ticketing via WeChat is only available in seven bus stations which belong to the group of Hefei Automobile Transport Company Ltd. They are Hefei Bus Station, Hefei Bus Station (South District), Hefei Jinhu Station, Hefei Tourism Station, Hefei South Bus Station, Hefei West Bus Station and Hefei Transport Terminal. In the future, it's estimated that buying tickets via WeChat will be acceptable in all the city's bus stations.

As a reminder, an identity card and a valid account registered with your phone number are compulsory for WeChat booking. In addition, passengers need to pay by bank card which is also registered with a WeChat account.