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Brazil World Cup tours unwanted
Updated: 2014-05-16

The 2014 Brazil World Cup is less than a month away. Earlier this year, world cup tours were introduced by a travel agency in Anhui, but to date, very few football fans have signed up, despite the fact that the agency signed a million-yuan contract with a ticketing enterprise.

The agency introduced four World Cup routes, with the cheapest one (six-day tour, one game) costing 75 thousand yuan ($12,000) and the most expensive one (twelve-day tour, two semifinals, the final, the closing ceremony and the awards ceremony) costing nearly 400 thousand yuan ($64,000). Though the tours contain flight tickets, accommodation, and sightseeing at several tourist attractions, it seems the very high price has scared many tourists away. Up to now, the only group signed up is a local automobile enterprise. The group is formed of around 30 people, each spending over 100 thousand yuan on average; and it will also be a business trip.

The main reason that no individual has signed up appears to be the high price. Additionally, Brazil is rather far away from China and does not have a very stable security environment. But fans can still sign up for tours by the end of May, since Brazil has introduced special visas for the game.