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Feasibility prediction report of Chizhou- Jiujiang railway finished
Updated: 2014-04-09

The China Railway 5th Survey and Design Institute Group Co. Ltd. has just finished a feasibility prediction report on an intercity railway linking Chizhou and Jiujiang.

The report, based on a geographical survey, grid planning, passenger flow and local opinion, mainly covered four possible routes:

1. Chizhou city – Dongzhi county – Pengze county in Jiangxi province – Hukou county - Jiujiang city;

2. Chizhou city - Anqing city - Qianshan county - Taihu county - Susong county - Huangmei county in Hubei province - Jiujiang city;

3. Chizhou city - Anqing city - Qianshan county - Taihu county - Susong county - Hukou county in Jiangxi province - Jiujiang city,

and a 4th one directly integrating the north and south.

After serious consideration, the report recommended the third route as it can work as an express lane along the river and promote intercity communications. That recommended route will be 197.53 kilometers long, of which 150.2 kilometers of it will be in Anhui, the static investment for which amounts to 25.965 billion yuan ($4.19 billion). So far, the report has been submitted to the China Railway Corporation for approval. The Chizhou Development and Reform Commission will continue to pay close attention to this matter and actively cooperate.