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Huangshan Mountain issues commemorative coin
Updated: 2013-08-12

A set of commemorative coins of Huangshan Mountain, a world cultural and natural heritage in Anhui province, was published by the People's Bank of China on August 8. The set contains three gold coins and five silver coins, portraying seven scenic spots on Huangshan Mountain.

On the front, the coins feature the same pattern – the national emblem, country name and year – with different sceneries and their names on the other side. As legal tender, the commemorative coins have value as investment, collection and appreciation. Meanwhile, the cultural connotation they contain also make them a special cultural commodity.

Among the five limited edition commemorative coins, the largest circulation of 1-kilogram round gold coins is 200. The round gold coins measuring a quarter of an ounce have a circulation of 30,000. The related departments of Anhui are fighting for larger shares for investors and collectors in the province.

By Guo Yi

Edited by Michael Thai