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Tours in 'cool world' heat up
Updated: 2013-07-15

The 'cool world' in Huangshan district has been attracting numerous tourists since the beginning of July. Several tourist routes for summer have become popular recently, including a valley tour, drifting tour and countryside leisure tour.

Valley scenic spots, such as Emerald Valley and Lotus Valley, offer tourists a break from the hot summer with its cool environment. Since river drifting has always been the most popular choice for summer tours, some scenic spots for drifting have received up to 800 tourists per day on average. The Taiping Lake scenic area has also launched various water games to provide more choices for tourists. As the summer holiday brings a lot of students to scenic areas, tourist agencies have designed new tourist products for them. Tourist routes for students and families have met with great favor.

To cope with the summer tourism, the district tourism commission has made preparation plans. Huangshan district has prepared abundant tourist products for summer. Meanwhile, both traditional and online promotions are in progress. Local travel agencies offer not only preferential treatment but also more choices for tourists. All these offerings are making tours in 'cool world' extremely hot.


By Guo Yi

Edited by Michael Thai, Huang Pei