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Dabie Mountain Geological Park

Dabie Mountain Geological Park

This national geo-park lies south of Lu'an city, abutting Henan province in the west and Hunan province in the south. It covers an area of 450 square km. Different kinds of landforms can be found here, including tectonic topography and that of granite, lava and Danxia landform (composed of red, sandstone, the gravel rock). These help create a large number of marvelous geological landscapes and sites.

Dabie Mountain Geological Park Admission ticket price:
  50 yuan at peak season (Mar 1--Nov 30)
  40 yuan at off-peak season (Dec 1--Feb 28)
Dabie Mountain Geological Park Website:

This park mainly comprises such scenic areas as the Wanxi (Western Anhui) Great Rift Valley, Songliaoyan, Dongshisun, Wanfo Mountain, Wanfo Lake and Foziling Hill. Wanfo Lake Scenic Area boasts dozens of beautiful natural scenes and historical sites. The vast Wanfo Lake itself is embraced by towering mountains on all four sides and dotted with emerald islets. Other attractions include the inscriptions carved on the cliffs, the secluded valley under the moonlight. Neolithic sites at Wenjiadun and Longwangshu, the mist-enveloped Meishan Hill, the mountain path lined with cypresses, the Zuoci Fishing Platform and the Cave for Goddess of Mercy, the Man-Headed Horse, Cuizhuling Hill, Egret Islet, Meiling Power Station, Spillway and Niujiaochong Water Locks.

Other main scenic zones in the park include the Tiantangzhai, Yanzihe Grand Canyon, Hongshigu, Tongluozhai and Baimajian.

Source: Anhui Travel Guide