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Hefei Wildlife Zoo

Hefei Wildlife Zoo
Hefei Wildlife Zoo

Located in the stunning Dashu Mountain, some 10 km from the downtown area of Hefei city, the wildlife zoo covers an area of 100 hectares, with rich lush woods, clean water and fresh air.

Hefei Wildlife Zoo Admission ticket price:
  35 yuan per person
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It is home to about 2 000 animals and birds, including the first-class animals under state protection, such as giant pandas, Indian elephants, northeastern, tigers, leopards, elks and red-crowned cranes, and some animals from other countries, such as giraffes, hippopotamuses, chimpanzees, zebras, kangaroos and flamingoes.

The wildlife zoo has enclosures or gardens especially designed for giant pandas, red pandas peacocks, squirrels, monkeys, Japanese monkeys, chimpanzees, hippopotamies and a wide variety of birds (including a garden dedicated to flamingos). Meanwhile, it also includes the herbivore and predator habitats, where animals can roam freely within a certain open area.

Moreover, visitors also have a chance to enjoy the fascinating sea lion show, and visit the Bird Garden--the biggest of its kind in China. In the wildlife zoo, tourists will get a feeling of returning to nature.

Hefei Wildlife Zoo

Source: Anhui Travel Guide