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Known as Niuzhuji in ancient times, Caishiji lies at the western foot of Cuiluoshan Mountain, about five km southwest of Ma'anshan City.

Caishiji Admission ticket price:
  80 yuan per person

Caishiji One-way ticket price for cable car:
25 yuan
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Caishiji, together with Chenglingji in Yueyang and Yanziji in Nanjing, are known as the "Three Famous Rocks along the Yangtze River", of which Caishiji is acclaimed as the finest due to its unique natural scenery and strong cultural background.

One of the key national scenic and historical interest zones, Caishiji boasts the largest Memorial Hall of Li Bai (701-762), a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty, the well- known Sanyuan Cave, the imposing Santai Pavilion, the Art Hall ofLin Sanzhi (1898-1989), a sage of cursive script, Yuanmengyuan Garden with its Huizhou architectural style, the riverside ancient plank road, and Cuiluo Cove. Moreover, Caishiji serves as an ideal place for tourists to enjoy a combination of beautiful poetry and the wonderful natural scenery.

Caishiji is one of the oldest Buddhist sacred lands. The Guangji Temple on the hill has enjoyed a high reputation in the areas south of the Yangtze River ever since it was first built in the Chiwu reign period of the state of Wu (238-250) during the Three Kingdoms period (220-280). Down through the ages, bells in the morning and drums in the evening have been heard; the fragrant smoke of the joss sticks has been released; and religious activities have been held. These combine to draw a sort of mysterious veil over Caishiji.

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Source: Anhui Tour Guide