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Enlong World Log Cabin Village

The Log Cabin Village in Ningguo city was first constructed in 1997 on the ground of an ecological science and technological garden.

Enlong World Log Cabin Village Admission ticket price:
  90 yuan per person
  Free ticket: children below 1.2 meters

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It combines sightseeing, leisure travel and business. It has beautiful natural landscapes and rich tourism resources, as well as an extremely favorable ecological environment.

The main tourist attractions in the village include the Gate Scenery, Ginkgo Garden, Special Fruit Orchard, Water Amusement Park, Wood Villa Group and Enlong Folk-Custom Garden.

The four-kilometer-long walls along the paths in the village are all built of cobbles. These hard stones, washed by waters for some 100 million years, are of the similar size, but of a great variety of shapes. Strolling down the path, in the presence of such ancient history, is an exhilarating experience.

Source: Anhui Tour Guide