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Chinese Alligator Lake

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  30 yuan per person
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The lake is located in the southern suburbs, three km from Xuancheng city. It is home to the Chinese alligator, the first-class animal under state protection. This alligator, known as a "living fossil" for its research value and insight into the secrets of nature, is a "natural book" recording the earth's biological evolution. Apart from scientific importance, it has significant economic value and medicinal properties.

As the largest breeding base of Chinese alligators in the world, it is home to over 10,000 alligators. Surrounded by rolling hills and be-jeweled with smaller lakes and ponds, the core area of the lake is about one square km. In addition to the aforementioned alligators, various other rare animals can also be found here, including spotted deers, pangolins, wild boars, black bears, macaques, peacocks, aigrettes and pheasants. The Chinese Alligator Lake, as a base for science popularization and education for China's youth, has enormous appeal to young people. Visitors can also enjoy some wonderful performances, such as the breathtaking fights between alligators and men.

Chinese Alligator Lake
Chinese Alligator Lake

Source: Anhui Travel Guide