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Huaxi Building
Huaxi Building

Also known as the Great Emperor Guan Temple and the Shanxi-Shaanxi Commercial Guildhall, this is a key cultural relic site under state protection.

Huaxi Building Admission ticket price:
  30 yuan/person;
  Children shorter than 1.4m: free of charge;
  Full-time students & senior citizens above 60 years: 15 yuan/person
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It was built in the 15th year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1676) of the Qing Dynasty, with more colored drawings and carvings added in the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795). The building is noted worldwide for its exquisite carvings and florid colored drawings. With a floorage of 3.16 square km, it consists of a stage, a bell tower, a drum tower, an auditorium and Great Emperor Guan Temple. 

The consummate brick carvings, the ornate colored drawings and wood carvings, and the 6,000-kg iron flag post with a dragon twining round it are known as the "three wonders" of Huaxi Building and "treasures in the Central Plains". The unrivaled brick carvings and colored drawings, mysterious and zigzagging underground paths, bustling medicinal material transaction center, simple and solemn Huazu'an Nunnery, unique exhibition park of the Gujing Wine Culture and the beautiful Wanfo Pagoda show the charm of time-honored Bozhou.

           Huaxi Building

Huaxi Building

Source: Anhui Tour Guide