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Restaurants and Food Areas in Hefei

The Jiujiu Long Restaurant ( Jiujiulong fandian ) at 327 Jinzhai Ave. Serves good hotpot dishes.

The Huangshan Restaurant ( Huangshan caiguan ) on Bengbu Street . Food served, possibly better than on the mountain itself.

The Luyangcun Restaurant on Huaihe Street .

Holiday Inn at 1104 Changjiang E. Street.

The Novotel Hefei at 199 Wuhu Street is best known for its western bakery.

On Changjiang Street lie quite a number of street side restaurants, serving food at affordable prices.

The area around the railway station, like those in most other cities, is also heavily populated by food stalls and small restaurants.

KFC can be found at several places in Hefei, one is at Changjiang lu , near to the intersection with Suzhou lu .

Source: travel.anhui