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Chaohu specialties

1. Chaohu icefishChaohu specialties

Chaohu icefish is known as the “Queen of Chaohu Lake” for its crystal-like appearance. The big icefishes have body length of 15-20 cm, while those of the smaller ones are generally 4-7 cm. The icefish tastes fresh and delicious. It is also good for the health when cooked together with eggs and other condiments.




2. Chaohu white shrimp

Chaohu specialties

Chaohu white shrimp can be fried, braised or boiled in soup. After being immersed in hot water and cooked together with bean curd, cabbage or celery, the shrimp tastes delicious. When cooking soup with Chaohu white shrimp, the soup will have a fresher taste.





3. Wuwei Smoked Duck

Chaohu specialties

Wuwei smoked duck, originated from Wuwei county of Chaohu city, has more than 200 years of history. It is famed for its fine art, special flavor, select materials, golden and oily color and soft meat.