Fabulous at 45: Demi Moore strips off to pose in a skimpy white bikini

Updated: 2008-01-23 14:49

Years after her iconic nude pose while pregnant for Vanity Fair, actress Demi Moore is still happy to show off her body. The 45-year-old posed in a skimpy white bikini for a fashion magazine.

While most women her age are growing to accept they are past their bikini best, Demi - thanks to a reputed 200,000 of plastic surgery - looks years younger.

A wrinkle-free Demi looks stunning as she appears on three separate covers for V magazine posing in a bikini, a white trouser suit, and in a white dress.

Demi Moore strips off again, in a new photoshoot for a fashion magazine

But mother-of-three Demi protests that on this occasion stripping off wasn't her idea.

The Charlie's Angels star posed in the bathing suit for V magazine, but she insists she was persuaded to strip off by the late Princess Diana's favourite photographer Mario Testino.

Demi said she was against being pictured in a bathing suit but the charismatic photographer wore her down until she agreed to remove her clothes.

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