Kate Moss's perfume launch threatened by Pete

Updated: 2007-06-11 19:11

Kate Moss's perfume launch is being threatened due to worries over her boyfriend Pete Doherty.

The model is hoping to launch her fragrance in Marrakesh with the Babyshambles frontman by her side, but perfume bosses are worried that he will create a bad impression of the product and harm sales.

A source told the Daily Star: "Pete is great for Kate's rock 'n' roll image and a brilliant icon - but he doesn't look like he smells very nice. It is widely known that he made a right mess of his Hackney home by smearing the walls with blood and excrement.

"When you sell a fragrance you are selling a lifestyle. Every girl wants to be Kate Moss - but nobody wants to smell like Pete's ruined flat. Perfume bosses hope Kate will come out to Morocco alone and that they can win her over by paying for her to holiday anywhere with Pete - afterwards."

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