Kate Moss' new hot collection for TopShop

(Daily Mail)
Updated: 2007-06-06 17:45

Kate Moss unveils her brand new collection for Topshop. And for those under the impression that she already did this four weeks ago - yes, she did. Now she is doing it again.

Four weeks is a long time in fashion, especially on the high street, where shoppers increasingly demand "fast fashion" that is constantly updated.

Brief encounter: the 35 bikini is new to Topshop this month

While 1 May was the launch date of Moss's first collection for the store, 6 June marks the release of her second. This, the high summer range - exclusive pictures of which are revealed here - represents a smaller offering than the spring collection.

But it is still sure to be well received by the model's admirers, as well as those legions of opportunists who seek to make a profit from reselling items from the range on eBay.

While the simple 35 black string bikini is sure to be a hit with shoppers who enjoy Kate's model proportions, the highlight is undoubtedly the 50 white one-shouldered dress.

Sun-kissed Kate: dress 50, also avaliable in yellow and black; sunglasses 18; 60 skinny jeans with a sequin top costing 65 - the swallow-print scraf used as a belt is 35

Eagle-eyed observers may be experiencing a touch of deja vu, as this isn't the first time the dress has been photographed.

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