Three cups of coffee a day may hit men's sperm counts

Updated: 2006-11-01 09:41

Most of you may be addicted to your morning cuppa coffee, but a new study has revealed that your favorite brew may reduce your ability to father normal children.

Just three cups a day is thought to damage sperm and lead to failed pregnancies or birth defects.

"Independent of age, men with substantial daily caffeine consumption have increased sperm damage," scientists were quoted by the Mirror, as saying.

It offers a possible reason for plummeting fertility levels among British men, which have fallen 29 per cent in the last decade.

Bradford University and California University studied males with no fertility problems aged 22- 80.

"Three cups of coffee a day creates damage leading to chromosome rearrangements in the embryo. This can lead to the death of the embryo and birth defects," lead author Dr Andrew Wyrobek said. (ANI)

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