British woman suffers from orgasms every 5 minutes
Updated: 2006-06-01 14:16

Life really can be unfair. What some people can only dream about, others get without any effort at all. Admittedly, for those lucky devils, these gifts from fate often turn out to be a genuine trial, turning from pleasure into a torture. No, our story is not another sketch on the theme "Rich people also cry". This report will not be about money or fame, but a quite different matter.

Remember how in the film 'Vanilla Sky' Cameron Diaz's heroine explained to her lover, played by Tom Cruise, that "once" is good, twice is even better, three times is just incredible, but fourĄ­ Four orgasms took the girl to the height of ecstasy and left her totally exhausted. And now just imagine what would have happened to her had she experienced not 4 orgasms in a single day, but 250. One every five minutes.

It is just that frequently, or sometimes even more often, that young British woman Ellie Allen finds herself at the peak of pleasure. Moreover, unlike Cameron Diaz's heroine, this happens without any man's intervention. When the alarm clock rings, thatĄ¯s one orgasm, the radio comes on loudly-thatĄ¯s two, the telephone starts ringing-three, the car engine starts-four, and if she's on the metro, then it really is non-stop: first the escalator, then the train, the loudspeaker announces the stationĄ­ and so on. Any kind of vibration, even a small one, causes the most violent reaction in the British girl's body. "It starts from the very first thing in the morning," says the orgasm victim. "I am constantly being forced to cover up my sighs or quickly leave wherever I am."
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