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China's Red Cross donates another 20m yuan to Japan

2011-03-29 16:51

BEIJING - The Red Cross Society of China decided Tuesday to donate an extra 20 million yuan ($3.05 million) in emergency aid to its Japanese counterpart in supporting the latter's quake relief and recovery efforts.

A statement issued by the Chinese organization said the decision was made according to the donations received from people from various parts of China after a huge earthquake jolted the sea off the northeastern coast of Japan on March 11, triggering a devastating tsunami.

"The Chinese people have been active in offering donations to the quake zone in Japan," said the Red Cross Society of China in the statement, without giving an exact figure of the donations.

The Chinese society also donated 1 million yuan and 5 million yuan to Japan on March 12 and 15, respectively, following the twin disasters that left 11,063 people dead and 17,258 more missing.

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