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Visitors find help at lost property centers

2010-06-22 09:08

SHANGHAI - Expo Garden visitors who lose belongings can retrieve them at a new lost-and-found without purchasing another ticket if they have already left the grounds.

The center, which operates from 7 am until midnight, opened last week in the Garden's No 19 car park.

The quantity of lost belongings has been growing with the number of visitors. Not only are more people losing items, but also, the record-breaking length of lines and overall crowdedness have been making exhausted tourists increasingly careless. More than 3,000 items had been found by June 1.

The lost-and-found has divided the items into 13 categories. These include identification documents, baby carriers, glasses, hats, mobile phones, watches, accessories, bags, clothes, umbrellas and digital devices, Tourist Service officer Zhang Jieyun said.

The Expo Garden and surrounding area has 65 lost-and-found offices. There are 46 in the Pudong site, 18 in the Puxi site and one at Gate 8 near No 19 car park. Guests must present valid ID to reclaim their property.

"There is obvious signage showing where the lost property centers are, but it's better to call ahead to make sure we have your items before coming to get them," Zhang said.

Found items are registered and photographed, and their identifying information is recorded. Staffers log descriptions of the goods' colors, types, markings, and the locations and times of their discoveries.

Retired teacher Yang Maorong, 67, said she was "very satisfied" with the lost-and-found service.

"I just decided to try my luck here after I lost my glasses in Zone C early yesterday," the resident of Shandong's provincial capital Ji'nan said. "And, as it turned out, I was very lucky."

Items are collected by the nearest service centers and transferred to the main lost-and-found by the end of the day of their discovery, Zhang explained. If not claimed within three days, the property's identifying information is recorded in detail, and the goods are transferred to a newly opened center outside of the Garden.

Property found in pavilions should be collected by pavilion staff and transferred to the main center within three days.

A Germany Pavilion information desk receptionist said lost items found on its premises are first sent to the pavilion's information desk and transferred to the main center in Zone C after three days.

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