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China breaks up 1,400 mafia-style gangs in 4 years

2010-06-09 21:15

BEIJING - A Chinese government crackdown on mafia-style organizations that started in February 2006 has broken up more than 1,400 gangs, said the Communist Party of China Political and Legislative Affairs Committee Wednesday.

The crackdown campaign has also dealt with 120,000 crimes and confiscated 3,400 guns, said a spokesman for the committee.

Related government organs at all levels have made all-out efforts in the campaign which has protected the well-being of citizens and maintained the stability necessary for social and economic development, said the spokesman.

According to the spokesman, the committee has decided to take the crackdown work as one item in performance evaluations of local officials.

Meanwhile, the committee recently issued a work proposal urging local law enforcement organs to improve their capabilities of detecting, prosecuting and trying mafia-style crimes.

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