UNSC to vote on resolution on DPRK's nuke test

Updated: 2006-10-14 08:33

UNITED NATIONS- The UN Security Council is set to vote Saturday on a resolution sponsored by the United States and other nations, said its president here Friday.

"The relevant provision is going to say measures will be taken in accordance with national legislation and measures consistent with international law," Council President for October Japanese UN Ambassador Kenzo Oshima said, adding that the resolution would be put to vote fairly early Saturday morning.

Council members and experts have held intensive consultations over the past few days on the resolution, which has been amended several times. The five permanent members have been meeting together with Japan.

Oshima noted that although all members strongly condemned DPRK's nuclear test in consultations, a major focus was whether to invoke Chapter 7 of the UN Charter that allows for sanctions and the use of force in the case of a threat to or breach of peace.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan stressed the urgent need for the DPRK to return to the six-party talks that have been seeking to resolve the issue of its nuclear program.