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HKSAR may see its first deficit since '04

The government is expected to record its first budget deficit in 15 years as the city's general economic environment has been impacted by social unrest as well as ongoing China-United States trade frictions.

Retailers and hoteliers bear the brunt as protests cripple businesses in city

Felix Chung dismisses HK act as 'unfair, unnecessary'

Election result a 'surprise' to Chung

City Lights

Homage to Peking Opera

Director Jacob Cheung's latest venture, The Opera House, is part film and part social mission in its attempts to connect audiences with times long gone.

What's the Buzz!

Superheroes of the Ming era

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Land resumption-is it the long-term answer?

The HKSAR government is slated to start land resumption to resolve the city's housing woes. Some experts say it will be effective in meeting housing demand, but others argue the long time frame is a big hurdle. Oswald Chan reports.

A camera that started it all ...

Riot insurance demand may rise, but complications remain

E-commerce: Tacklingmarkets and cultures

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New thoughts needed to end violence

With support from United States and United Kingdom politicians, the anti-China and anti-communist political forces in Hong Kong obtained an unprecedented victory in the sixth District Council elections. Just one week before polling day, riots kept escalating to a new high level, and three days before the election was held, peace suddenly returned to Hong Kong. There were clear indications that the six-month-long "black revolution" was the result of a rebellious plot orchestrated by its masterminds.

Rioters can't gain what they want via violence

Everyone must cherish our marvelous MTR

Culture HK

Partners in design

At a time when technology drives the way we live to a large extent, some of today's leading British designers with a Hong Kong connection seem keen to reconnect with a part of their heritage that predates the technological invasion.

Jamming with the Nordics


Economists warn of US act eroding investor confidence

Hong Kong economists have warned about the possible impacts the so-called Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act may have on investor confidence in the city as an international financial center, as well as its status as an independent tariff territory.

Global leaders gather to promote multilateralism, sustainability

4th round relief to keep battered sectors afloat