HK Edition - Saturday June 26,2010
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Nod to HK electoral reform 'a victory'
Method of picking chief executive included, NPC approval still required

1st law to protect pipelines adopted
BEIJING- The country's top legislature adopted its first law protecting oil and natural gas pipelines to spell out the responsibilities of companies and governments in the sector.

Visit improves relations
China wishes to develop ties with Canada 'from a new starting point': Hu

China's economy 'cannot drive global growth'
As the G20 Toronto Summit nears, there still exist many uncertainties about the global economy, ranging from the struggle of the euro zone and high unemployment rate of the United States to high fiscal deficit with Japan and China's over-reliance on exports.

Foreign police in Toronto to learn
Toronto - A group of men - some dressed in suits, others casually - followed Sergeant Dan Somers, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, out of Toronto's Direct Energy Center.

Flood toll: 377 dead, 147 missing
Fuzhou, Jiangxi - The death toll from continuous rains battering South China since June 13 has climbed to 377, with 147 people missing as of Friday, authorities said.

Fishermen rescue hundreds
JIANYANG, Fujian - After torrential rain drowned Jianyang city on June 18, small bamboo rafts rowed by fisherman Zhang Liangfu and his band of 17 brothers and cousins proved no less than the Noah's Ark for some 1,500 besieged residents.

Students 'forced' to work at Foxconn
Beijing - In a striking development, up to 100,000 vocational school students in Henan province have been ordered to leave for Shenzhen over the weekend for a three-month internship at Foxconn, the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer, which has halted employment in the southern industrial hub after a string of employee suicides.

County Party chief attempts suicide
HONG'AN, Hubei - The Party chief of a county in Hubei province tried to end his life on Wednesday, the latest in a string of suicide attempts in recent years by Chinese officials, who are believed to be under tremendous work pressure.

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