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Hungarian ambassador notes wishes to China
By Zuo Likun (
Updated: 2009-05-13 18:53

Hungarian ambassador notes wishes to China
Sándor Kusai, the Hungarina Ambassador to China, writes his wishes to China after an exclusive interview with China Daily website in Beijing, May 8, 2009. [] 

Beijing -- Mr. Sándor Kusai, the Hungarina Ambassador to China, notes his wishes, in his native tongue Hungarian, on Sino-Hungary friendship after an exclusive interview with China Daily website Friday morning.

Followed is the English translation of the ambassador's notes.

"It was a great pleasure for me to talk about the trip of the students from the quake-hit regions of Sichuan to Hungary [in August, 2008].

"This trip will be a golden page in the 60 years old history of Hungarian and Chinese diplomatic relations.

"I would like to express my gratitude to China Daily for the support and promotion of the friendship between the two countries and the two people.

"I wish that the newspaper and her on-line edition may achieve more and more successes, whilst the Hungarian-Chinese cooperation may develop further."

During the interview, the ambassador recalled a recuperation of 50 Chinese students from quake zone, which was by the invitation of the Hungarian government last August.

The mandarin-proficient diplomat also discussed upcoming plans to form sister schools between the two countries. The project is expected to be announced in a few months.

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