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China Afghanistan have no problem in cooperation
Updated: 2009-08-25 16:22

H: Can you draw a bigger picture of the current cooperation between China and Afghanistan in investment, in construction, all those projects?

A: As a representative of Afghanistan, officially, I'm very happy with this cooperation. Politically, we don't have any problem: we have very good bilateral relations; there are regular meetings between our leaders. I'm very satisfied. And also in investment, I think China is the biggest investor in cooper mine and also made contributions to the reconstruction of Afghanistan, especially in the road building.

H: Do you have specific numbers for this kind of cooperation?

A: Yes. For example, the investment for the copper mine is like 4 billion dollars. And the final (total) investment would be like 10 billion dollars. This is the biggest. China built a new hospital in Kabul - very modern one. And it was a great step to this goal. In this construction of the roads, many companies are working (in Afghanistan). But as an Afghan, I expect more; I’m not satisfied, to be honest. Because when you invest in Brazil or in Africa, (which are) long away from you, but in Afghanistan, this is close to you, it's more beneficial for the companies. Also the time is very good time to get more benefits. So when we have resources, underground, and when we have good prices for agriculture, for energy. So all the time I ask myself why there are fewer companies in Afghanistan from China. I'd like to invite all the companies, the government of China, all investors, to benefit from this very special moment in Afghanistan. If everything in peace, everything normal, a very normal situation, there will be a lot of the companies from around the world to compete with you. You get not as much as you get now. This is the right time for investors to get more benefit. So that is the time.

H: As far as I remember, you once said "prosperity will bring peace to Afghanistan".

A: Yes, every investor has the right to think about their money. But prosperity and security, this is related to each other. I think trade exchange in economic cooperation between the two countries - this is not only the prosperity for the Afghans, but also this is a big contribution to the security as well. Afghan government is ready to provide all possible facilities for investment in Afghanistan.

H: You said a lot about the significant role China has played in bringing prosperity to Afghanistan. And do you think China will have this kind of role to moderate Afghanistan and Pakistan in combating terrorism?

A: China is a big country. It's already a superpower. In our world, to be a superpower, it's not only a right but also a responsibility to this world. And I think China as a superpower in our region has the responsibility to at least urge (other) countries for better cooperation in the fight against terror. And I'd like to thank the Chinese authority for helping Afghanistan and Pakistan for better understanding in the very difficult problems before the election in Afghanistan.