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No expense spared for hungry news hounds
[ 2005-05-17 23:38:23]

Organizers of the 2005 Beijing FORTUNE Global Forum have made extensive efforts in providing services to the working press.

The forum, scheduled to end today, is organized by Time Warner Corp, the State Council Information Office and the municipal government of Beijing.

About 600 journalists representing more than 300 news organizations have been covering the forum.

Organizers said they view the forum as a good opportunity to spotlight China's progress and the opportunities the country is offering, and will offer, to the world.

Officials said they have made exhaustive preparations to make sure journalists covering the event have adequate access to the information they need for the forum and have a convenient working environment.

Organizers said they did their best to ensure that journalists could view the general sessions and panel discussions through closed-circuit television even though the majority of them could not be allowed to enter the conference hall.

Live webcasting was also provided.

Two roundtable meetings--on China's sports industry and development of its culture--welcomed journalists when they took place before the forum itself opened. Those round table meetings were originally planned to be closed for the press.

To provide more information for the media, organizers overcame such difficulties as limited space.

The biggest possible space was found to serve as the viewing room for journalists, organizers said.

Special funds have been allocated for the equipment for data transmission equipment and for simultaneous translation in the viewing room.

In addition, organizers have also made considerable arrangements for transport, catering and press centre facilities.

Frequent shuttle bus service has been provided between hotels and the forum venue.

Reporters also have access to free formal meals, drinks and refreshments.

At the press centre, dozens of computers with Internet access, phones and facsimile machines have been provided.

Thirty people, including a dozen English-speaking men and women, were assigned to assist journalists at the press centre and the meeting venue.

This is the third time China has hosted the FORTUNE Global Forum. Its 1999 session was staged in Shanghai and the 2001 session in Hong Kong.

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