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  Energy and Economic Growth
Zeng: Consuming less energy to quadrupling GDP
[ 2005-05-17 17:25:01]

China is working to quadruple its 2000 GDP (gross domestic product) while only doubling its energy consumption by 2020, said Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan Tuesday at the ongoing Fortune Global Forum in Beijing.

The energy consumption might be even lower, he said.

In the last two decades of the 20th century, China quadrupled its GDP when its energy consumption was doubled.

To achieve the goal, he said, China will put equal emphasis on energy development and preservation, with priority given to preservation, and bring under strict control industries of high energy consumption, while developing energy-efficient housing andfuel-efficient motor vehicles, said the vice premier.

The government will readjust the structure of energy resources,support the development and application of clean coal technologies,accelerate hydropower, nuclear and gas power projects and other clean energy programs, and the development of renewable energy projects, Zeng said.

China will also push forward international cooperation in energy industry when it tries to resolve the energy problem on domestic resources, Zeng added.

According to Zeng, China has favorable conditions for rapid, sustainable economic growth, such as the continuously upgrade consumption structure, rapid industrialization and urbanization, huge market potential, sufficient labor supply, high level of individual savings level and improved infrastructure.

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