Going "green"

Updated: 2007-05-28 09:19


Live environmentally friendly, healthy, and helpful. Be happy!

There's been a lot of talk about white and blue-collar workers, and you may have even heard of gold collar workers, but lately a new color of collar is making its way into China's urban vernacular -- green.

How to release your pressure?


Doing exercise--keep you healthy and in good shape
Traveling--enrich your sight
Gossiping--(chatting online sometimes is like gossiping,just talking to the strangers)dissolve the pressures
Writing blog--internet is a good listner.
Naked running?--only do it at home
Bungee jumping?--dangerous movement

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Green collars say no when work is life and life is work. They choose to get out of the fast lane, and explore new ways of living 'green.'

Living green doesn't mean someone is working as an environmentalist, biologist or scientist. Instead it is more of a lifestyle choice. A typical green collar is well educated like a white-collar but physically tough like a blue-collar, likely born in the 70s or 80s and living in one of China's big cities, with a monthly income well above 5,000 yuan (about US$605).

The life of a green collar may go something like this: turn off the mobile phone after work, eat only healthy food rich in vitamins, go out on hikes every weekend, and like to help the underprivileged.

Green collars even have their own club. In Beijing, the Green Collar Club is for people who share a "be happy, healthy and helpful" spirit. The Club often holds charity parties and uses the donations for environmental protection and poverty relief projects in China.

"They are successful in their careers, but do not miss the pleasures in life. They have a lot of money, but do not fall slave to it," said Zuo Shiguang, one of the founding members of the club.

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