Daniel Craig to protect his marriage

Updated: 2011-11-29 13:59


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Daniel Craig to protect his marriage

Daniel Craig didn't want his wedding to Rachel Weisz to become "f***ed up" by making it public.

The 'James Bond' actor - who tied the knot with the actress at a private New York ceremony in June with only four guests present - admitted the couple wanted to formalise their union for "private reasons" and didn't feel the need to share it with anyone else.

He said: "We got away with it. We did it privately. And we've got a lot of people to thank for that. But that was the point. We did it for private reasons. Because we didn't want it f***ed up, because that would be sharing a secret.

"And the whole point is that it was a secret. A secret is a secret in my mind."

The 43-year-old star - who met Rachel on the set of 'Dream House' late last year - explained married life is so far "very happy" and he is hoping to be in the relationship for the "long run".

In an interview with the UK edition of GQ magazine, Daniel added: "I'm in love, I'm very happy. And that is as far as I'm prepared to go. Life is long, life goes wrong and I don't want to say something now that might be thrown back later.

"Ultimately, people are saying, 'Give it six months.' Well guess what? I'm not responding. Life is long and I am hopefully in this for the long run."