Kelly Osbourne admires Victoria Beckham

Updated: 2011-11-03 12:00


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Kelly Osbourne admires Victoria Beckham

Kelly Osbourne wishes she could be more like Victoria Beckham.

The 'Fashion Police' star admires the former Spice Girls singer-turned-fashion designer for the way she successfully switched careers and for the way she has cultivated a "brand" for herself.

She said: "The number of times I've sat next to Victoria on flights and she's awesome.

"She'll arrive in designer clothes, change into comfy stuff, and then change back and do her make-up before she lands. I really admire her for the image she has created - and the fact she keeps her real self and her brand separate.

"I wish I could be like that but I say what I think too much."

Although Kelly respects other celebrities she insists she wouldn't want to date a famous guy because she believes the relationship would take on a competitive edge.

Asked if she would date a celebrity by the UK edition of Glamour magazine, she revealed: "No, I could never handle that. I like men who are quirky and don't realise how beautiful they are. Plus it would be a constant competition and I hate competition."

The 27-year-old star also insists she is happy to be regarded as "quirky" rather than typically beautiful because it means people like her for who she is, rather than what she looks like.

She said: "I think being just a pretty face must be the biggest curse in the world because men want to f**k you and women want to be you but that's all you'll ever have.

"I'll look at some of the friends I have who are famous for being beautiful and the things they have to go through ... it's exhausting. I'd rather be quirky or someone people can relate to."