Fans light up Jordan Chan's no holds barred concert

Updated: 2011-10-21 10:43

(China Daily)

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Singer Jordan Chan may have been credited with combining hip-hop and Cantopop, but it looks like he got more than he bargained for when he did a gig in Shantou, Guangdong. While hip-hop has a grimy and hard reputation, it's fair to call Chan's impression hip-hop-lite.

Which brings us back to the gig in Shantou, where he claimed that he was assaulted with light sticks, those luminescent concert props that look like sabers from Star Wars, a prop any pop fan worth their salt here is required to wave in unison.

Fans light up Jordan Chan's no holds barred concert

According to a number of sources, the 44-year-old Chan was tripping the light fantastic and busting out his moves when fans got so excited they started throwing their light sticks at him. One hit Chan on the head and he went ballistic. He attempted to vent his temper by smashing his microphone.

Sina said the star did calm down and apologize for his behavior. "Thank you for being here. I didn't perform well tonight and I'm not good at expressing myself, but no need to throw sticks at me, OK?"

Chan's night then took a turn for the worse when he attempted to leave the stage as his "fans" - obviously pumped by now - patted his head and groped his butt. Way to go!

In a week when Crystal Huang topped the music charts with her EP Maximum Firepower, it was her catfight with fellow celebrity Huo Siyan that got the most attention. The two have history, as Huang has been intimating that Huo was partly to blame for her divorce from billionaire Jiang Kai.

Huo kicked off the Sina Weibo twitter battle once again on Monday by saying "some nagging woman has been promoting herself by using her ex-husband", adding the unnamed woman was vain and could not be trusted.

Everyone who is anyone (in the world of Chinese celebrity) knew this certainly referred to Huang.

So, Huang retorted, calling Huo a "love looter".

Fans light up Jordan Chan's no holds barred concert

While some netizens thought this was collaboration between the pair to drive up publicity, Celebrity Sauce is of the opinion that they probably, really do hate each other. If true, this is most refreshing. There's so much fake bad blood out there, the real thing is a welcome change.

Another spicy story originating from Sina Weibo this week is the claim by director Han Chifei that an actress tried to get a role in his latest movie Love Her, Love Him by messaging a nude photo of herself to him.

Ever the upright gentleman, Han posted the photo and message on Tuesday, covering the actress' face and erogenous zones with a black box, explaining he was doing so to spare her blushes.

Only part of her cell phone number was seen, but the message was clear: "Director, what do you think of me? I really, really want to play the second lead."

"I am sick of this kind of thing," he said. "These actors and actresses should have more self-esteem and compete using their abilities instead of their bodies."

What a refreshing change from the usual casting couch story!