Patricia Field wants to work with Michelle Obama

Updated: 2011-08-18 17:55


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Patricia Field wants to work with Michelle Obama

Patricia Field would love to dress Michelle Obama.

The celebrity stylist - who is best known for her work as the costume designer on 'Sex and the City' - says it would be a dream come true to work with the First Lady as she is a huge admirer of her look.

Patricia - who has teamed up with the fabric softener giants to lend her support for the re-launch of the premium Lenor Infusions range - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Probably at this point I would like to dress Michelle Obama. I think because she's tall, she's a classy woman, and I think she dresses fine. But I would still love to get my hands on her. I love the way she presents herself and part of the way she presents herself that I really like a lot is that it's natural and easy and she's not trying.

"I think when she gets dressed up - she could get a little adjustment there. Because she's so elegant in a way she could be a little more directed in her formal wear - but everyday stuff she's got it down."

Another famous female Patricia admires is fashion designer Victoria Beckham because she has a "signature" look to her clothes collections.

She said: "I love her. I'm a big fan - because she has a signature. Her designs are based on her philosophy. I like the philosophy in general. Maybe it doesn't apply to old people in a way but personally I like her designs. They're together at the same time classic and you can wear her things any way. I just love the way she presents herself because she's memorable and that's why I think she has style."

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