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Updated: 2006-01-16 08:35

Mount Fuji lacks snow, but no fear of eruption

山顶要没雪 火山要爆发?

Mount Fuji lacks snow, but no fear of eruption
Skyscrapers in Tokyo's Shinjuku district frame Mt. Fuji at dusk in a 2002 file photo.

A lack of winter snow on Japan's famed Mount Fuji has sparked speculation the volcano could erupt for the first time in three centuries, but experts denied any link between snow and seismic activity.

Much of Japan has had record snowfall in the last month, but recent photographs of the usually snowcapped Mount Fuji show its slopes looking bare.

"A lot of snow fell on Mount Fuji, but it was blown off by strong winds," a city official in Fujiyoshida near Mount Fuji said.

Some tabloids have taken the snowless peak as a sign that an eruption was imminent, but scientists said there was no basis for concern.

"There is no link whatsoever between the scarcity of snow on Mount Fuji and volcanic activities there," said a scientist at the volcano section of Japan's Meteorological Agency.

The nearly conical Fuji is classified as adormant volcanosince it last erupted in 1707, but the government was rattled in November 2000 when the number of small earthquakes shaking the peak jumped to more than 200 from a monthly average of around 20.

Japan, which lies at the intersection of severaltectonicplates, is regularly rattled by tremors of varying strength, with volcanic eruptions not infrequent. 












dormant volcano  :(休眠火山)

tectonic:relating to, causing, or resulting from structural deformation of the earth's crust(地壳构造的)



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