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Updated: 2005-12-20 08:23

Mona Lisa 'happy', computer finds

解密蒙娜丽莎的微笑 幸福表情占83%

Mona Lisa 'happy', computer finds
The Mona Lisa became world famous after it was stolen in 1911.

Theenigmaof Leonardo da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa painting has been cracked with the help of emotion-recognition software from scientists recently.

According to findings which will be published in the New Scientist, a British journal, the exact breakdown of Mona Lisa's emotions, were 83 percent happy, 9 percent disgusted, 6 percent fearful, and 2 percent angry.

The sofeware rated features such as the curvature of the lips and crinkles around the eyes.

Dr. Nicu Sebe, a professor at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, used emotion-recognition software to come up with the exact breakdown of Mona Lisa's emotional state.

The program draws on a database of young female faces to derive an average "neutral" expression.

The software uses this average expression as the standard for comparisons. Other applications of emotion-recognition software might be to detect terror suspects on the basis of their emotions as well as their physical characteristics.

Possibly the most famous portrait of all time, Mona Lisa'scrypticexpression has intrigued art lovers for five centuries.

In 2003, a scientist from Harvard University said the way the human eye processes visual information meant the smile was only apparent when the viewer looked at other parts of the painting.

The painting, which is on public display in the Louvre in Paris, was painted between 1503-1506.

It was thought to be named after the sitter, most likely the Florentine wife of Francesco del Giocondo.

The Mona Lisa features in the opening of Dan Brown's hit novel The da Vinci Code when a Louvre curator is found dead near the painting.
















enigma :one that is puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable(迷;费解的事)

cryptic :having hidden meaning; mystifying(神秘的)




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