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Western diva Brightman to shine at concert in Beijing
Old Beijing on show at new museum
Pavarotti to sing Hi-C at farewell concert in Beijing
Oil art remains alive
'Saucy' Latin dance attracts new enthusiasts
A Cultural Carnival
Drive to preserve snail mail letters
Colour music
'Casablanca' the musical premiered in Beijing
French films star in Beijing
Beijing to see world premiere of musical
Shaking the world over and sure to stir
Renaissance beckons in China's artistic heart
'Portugal's discovery in China' on display
Mao stamp collection
Chinese stars dub 'Incredibles'
Turkish import
Broadway to treat Beijing audience with a "Cocktail Party"
Fine Arts Exhibition in Beijing
Hong Kong ballet tells an ancient tale
A dazzling dancing winter wonderland
Kung Fu hustle to hold grand opening in Beijing
Garfield movie hits China's cinemas
Chicago under the collar
"No Thief" expected to be a box office hit
Rome relics to be on display in Beijing
National art show manifests changes
Hanson Brothers rock Beijing
Beijing watches South Korean films
Latin dancers to cheer up capital audience
Foreign blockbusters hit China's screens
Kunqu Opera at the heart of tradition
Arabian Nights to be staged in Beijing
Rodin's "The Kiss" shows in Beijing
Chicago to jazz up Beijing
I, ROBOT strikes Beijng
Ballet in search of Chinese identity
Best of British on stage
Hail the lord of the dance
Flamenco epic exposes folly of Salome
Actress spins concert into drama
Music experts rally to save endangered music
HK Star Athena Chu Promotes New Play
Charlie's Angels Star Coming to Beijing
HK Star Athena Chu Promotes New Play
Scandinavian art sparks
Love melody
Chyi Yu Plays Beijing After a 26-Year Wait
Irish Tap-Dancer to Sweep Beijing Again
World orchestra unites capital's music lovers

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