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    Air France

2006-03-13 07:55

New uniforms   

Worn by 36,000 staff members,including   25,000 women and 11,000 men

Measurements were taken at 31,000 meetings 
100 items designed by Christian Lacroix
650,000 items manufactured
1 million metres of fabric ordered
11,000 parkas ordered
70 years of design
1946 : Georgette Renal
1951 : Georgette de Trze
1962 : Marc Bohan at Christian Dior
1964 : Nina Ricci
1968 : Pierre Cardin
1969 : Cristobal Balenciaga
1971 : Jacques Esterel
1973 : Andr Courrges
1976 : Jean Patou
1976 : Maison Rodier
1978 : Carven, Nina Ricci and Grs
1979 : Herms
1985 : Nina Ricci
1986 : Christian Dior
1987 : Georges Rech
1987 : Nina Ricci, Carven and Louis Fraud
2005 : Christian Lacroix

British Airways

The new design reflects the airline's unique British heritage, combining the qualities of a classic pinstripe suit with the style and creative flair of Julien Macdonald. The uniform includes contemporary details, such as branded cufflink buttons and a striking red lining.

Designed by Tanner Krolle.
Carried by 17,000 female staff
Dark navy with contract silver stitching, embossed BA speedmarque on the front flap, ID slot on the flap's underside and passport holder

Designed by Stephen Jones
Worn by the BA promotional team and at VIP events
Same navy/silver pinstripe fabric as the uniform
Silver metal BA speedmarque on the side and red lining with Coat of Arms jacquard
Plain red version designed for Aircraft Dispatchers (traditionally known as "Red Caps")
800,000 British Airways logo buttons for tailored items, coats and cuffs
170,000 metres of fabric used in tailoring
200,000 metres of fabric used for shirts
Singapore Airlines
The Singapore Girl was created in 1972. Her distinctive uniform  epitomizes SIA's tradition of friendly service and Asian hospitality. About 90 per cent of all Singapore Girls are either Singaporean or Malaysian. The others come from the Chinese mainland, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and are recruited for their language skills.
The uniform for lead attendants is green, with red for the head attendant. The shoes include the same batik material.


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