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Manufacturers, Exporters, Wholesalers - Global trade starts here.
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High fashion
Expensive fashions are not just for movie stars and royalty. Haute couture is now taking to the skies.

Air France
New uniforms
Worn by 36,000 staff members,including 25,000 women and 11,000 men

Accountable travel
Editor's note: This week we continue our series on corporate travel management. In his previous article, Tedesco outlined the role of corporate travel managers and how they can streamline an organization's travel and entertainment (T&E) portfolio.

Northern exposure
From the historical castles of Copenhagen to the aurora borealis north of the Arctic Circle, the natural and man-made wonders of Scandinavia are closer to home than most Chinese people imagine, and will only become closer in the years to come.

IN BRIEF (Page: 7, Date: 03/13/2006)

Land of forests and lakes: Sweden is home to about 100 lakes, and more than half of its territory is forested. Stockholm is surrounded by a vast number of islands and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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