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    Overjoyed Purejoys win 5-a-side league
David Niven
2005-12-30 10:07

The Holiday Inn Lido Beijing hosted the ClubFootball 5-a-side league competition, with the Purejoys romping home in style, finishing six points clear of second-placed Spain, and scoring 120 goals in their 22 matches a fortnight ago.

Despite a strong finish in the event, and with the meanest defence of the tournament (conceding only 38 goals in 22 games), Spain were unable to catch the Purejoys but still improved on their third-place finish in last spring's competition. The First Division's most valuable player award went to Igor Tsudin, the player/manager of Russia Utd, who finished third despite recording a memorable double over the Purejoys, winning 7-1 and 7-6 in their two meetings.

Organized by China ClubFootball, the competition hosted a total of 24 teams battling it out in two divisions of 12 over 11 weeks, playing matches in the evenings from Monday to Thursdays with matches lasting 30 minutes each.

Competing teams ranged from corporate teams such as P & G Beijing, to international school staff teams such as the British School Accies and BISS, and established amateur sides like Inner City, the Barbarians and the Vikings.

In Division 2, the race for the title went right to the wire, with three teams, Napolimania, Swiss Hansa Devils and Inner City not only fighting for top spot in the final week, but also facing off against each other. In a dramatic final round, Napolimania held their nerve to come out on top, with Inner City pipping the Swiss Hansa Devils for second place. The Swiss did not go home empty-handed, with Martin Vergein picking up the Division 2 MVP Award. Top scorers in Division 2 were Inner City with 110 goals, while fourth-placed La Mano De Dios FC were strongest in defence with their keeper beaten 28 times in 22 games.

The Autumn 2005 Holiday Inn Lido Beijing ClubFootball 5-a-side League saw a total of 264 matches, and a total of 1,621 goals scored, an average of over 6 goals per game.

Next up is the ClubFootball Winter League which kicks off in late January 2006. If you or your team would like more information on how to get playing visit mail or call 6417-0495.

(China Daily 12/30/2005 page9)


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