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2005-10-28 05:45

Aliens have landed! Oh, wait

A man claimed he had seen an unidentified flying object on Monday.

Living in Ciqikou, Chongqing Municipality, Mr Hu observed the UFO flying across the night skies over his home for more than half an hour, with his telescope.

"It looks like an extremely bright star," Hu said, adding that some of his neighbours were also excited about the sighting.

Although experts were interested in Hu's discovery, they could not be sure whether the man did in fact see a flying saucer or not.

Chongqing Morning Post

Tiger's teeth pulled to amuse tourists

A 1-year-old tiger that lives in Kunming Safari Park of Southwest China's Yunnan Province has had his canine teeth pulled out, simply so that visitors can take photos with the animal.

Tied to a small bed with an iron chain, the tiger can hardly move all day, a visitor surnamed Liu said.

"We cut off its teeth to protect our staff and visitors," an employee of the park said, adding: "It will not injure the tiger itself."

A local official surnamed Liang, who is in charge of protecting wildlife, said she will look into the case of possible mistreatment straight away.

Beijing Morning Post

Son helps mum by pointing out bigamy

A crafty son has helped his mother through two divorces using his improvised legal expertise.

The 44-year-old mother married a man surnamed Ma early this year after her former husband, the son's father, ran away from Huize County, Yunnan Province, 10 years ago.

Before a judgment was given by a court in the first divorce case, the woman married Ma.

But Ma is said to have repeatedly mistreated the woman, so her son brought the case of bigamy to light to rescue his mum from another failed marriage.

(China Daily 10/28/2005 page5)


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