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    China pursues 'multi-faceted' diplomacy
Qin Jize
2005-10-25 05:53

Chinese leaders have a hectic diplomatic itinerary until the end of the year, State Councillor Tang Jiaxuan said in Beijing yesterday.

President Hu Jintao will pay official goodwill visits to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Viet Nam between Friday and next Wednesday.

State Councillor Tang Jiaxuan in this March 6, 2003 file photo. He was then China's foreign minister. [newsphoto]
Tang said Hu would also visit some European countries and attend international meetings.

It is reported that US President George W. Bush will visit Beijing after attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) forum in Busan, the APEC host city in Republic of Korea in mid-November.

It is believed that leaders of the APEC members would have frequent exchanges on the sidelines of the forum.

A well-placed source said Premier Wen Jiabao plans to visit Eastern European countries before the end of the year.

Tang said China will continue to pursue multi-faceted diplomacy and contribute more to world peace and common development.

Tang made the remarks at the opening ceremony of a symposium on "China and the United Nations" to mark the UN's 60th anniversary.

Tang said China is firmly opposed to any measures to force through highly-controversial reform plans of the UN, saying any move that causes disunity or a split among member states is not acceptable.

He said the UN reform must proceed under the spirit of the UN Charter with the full participation of the vast number of member states and on the basis of broad consensus.

Tang also emphasized that China stands ready to work with the international community for a UN that adheres to multi-lateralism and strives for common security.

More than 100 dignitaries from the government, international organizations and academic circles participated in the forum that focused on political security, economic and social development and human rights.

Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing attended last night's reception to commemorate the UN's 60th anniversary, and expressed China's determination to support the UN reform and the global organization's core role in international affairs.

(China Daily 10/25/2005 page2)


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