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    Climate declaration and action plan

2005-07-09 07:33

GLENEAGLES, Scotland: The Group of Eight powers meeting in Scotland declared on Friday that global warming required urgent action, but set no measurable targets for reducing the greenhouse gases that trigger it and so contribute to climate change.

Here are the key points of their communique:

The G8 acknowledge that human activity contributes in large part to an increase in greenhouse gases that is linked to global warming.

They say existing science provides enough information to justify acting now to "put ourselves on a path to slow and, as the science justifies, stop and then reverse the growth of greenhouse gases."

They pledge to "act with resolve and urgency" to reach common goals that include reducing greenhouse gases, but without setting any measurable target or timeframe.

They pledge to launch a wider dialogue on climate change, clean energy and sustainable development, bringing in other major energy consumers, to begin on November 1.

They say it is in the world's interests to work in partnership with major emerging economies a reference in particular to China and India, which are expected to expand their greenhouse gas output rapidly with economic growth.

A new Action Plan promises a range of measures to increase energy efficiency in industry, buildings, appliances and transport; encourage diversification of energy sources and use of renewable ones; promote cleaner use of fossil fuels; and co-ordinate research and development.

(China Daily 07/09/2005 page7)


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