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Dowry becomes high tech in newlywed households
(China Daily)
Updated: 2005-03-30 17:07

Make that dowry a cellphone. Or, a computer or a DVD player.

No longer are village brides-to-be in Tianchang of Anhui Province good enough if all they have is cash for a living room sofa or a dining room table.

Grooms want their brides to come with some cash for high-tech electronics.

Bride Wang Shouxiang agreed to allow her bridegroom-to-be to spend a 9,000 yuan (US$1,088) dowry on two essentials and set up an electronics factory, purchasing what they needed to get started.

It paid off. They earned 150,000 yuan (US$18,138) the first year.

The new trend in marriage is being promoted by a local women's federation and family-planning commission, China Women's News reports.

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