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Book on fifth empire published
( 2003-11-03 15:52)

A book entitled "End of the Fifth Empire" has been published in Beijing. It predicts the destiny of the American empire after the Iraqi war.

The book said that the last ten years of the 20th century saw an empire rising on this planet. In the eyes of the American political elites, the United States is doomed to be a modern replica of the great ancient Roman Empire, and they have worked out a systematic plan to put the US on the right track towards that end. They believe the American empire can be exceptional. It will determine the direction people on this planet will go. And most importantly , this is welcomed by all other nations, the book says.

All seems so convincing, the book says. The US dollar is the most powerful currency in the world. America leaves other countries far behind in science and technology. The US military creates so many miracles. The US companies are the world economic standard makers and Hollywood is almost the capital of the world entertainment.

According to the book, it seems almost unbelievable to foresee such an empire to collapse. But sure it is, as dared the book. The author writes that the free market economy and technology which contributes most to the US current No.1 place in the world will also help to creates more and more challengers for it, because globalization makes any advancement be easily purchased, copied and surpassed. The dream to be an empire lasting forever is a creativity killer, which will make the US overburdened and force it to give up its ambition finally.

As to the relations cross the Atlantic Ocean, the book writes that the core strategy of the US is that euro shall surrender to the US dollar, the European defense surrender to the US defense, the European economy surrender to the US economy, and at last ,the European surrender to the American empire. Therefore, the split across the Atlantic Ocean resulted from the Iraqi war is virginally different from before.

The book points out that the ultima for the US expansion is sure to come as it will not be able to afford four great costs, e.i, the resource consumption entailing with the expansion itself, the cost to buy and bribe its followers, the cost to Americanize the invaded area and the cost to hide from the international community and explain itself.

The book predicts that the US expansion ends in Iraq war. After that it will have no power further its dream. The adverse effect of over-expansion will show itself soon. The climax of the American empire is also the beginning of its end, and a muti-polar world follows by.

The End of the Fifth Empire is the first book to predict the destiny of the American empire after the Iraqi war, and the author used facts going on to prove his viewpoints. The author Lei Sihai, a world news reporter with China Radio International, is one of Chinese new generation of world affairs researchers. This book, published by Publishing House on August, 2003, has attracted wide attention from Chinese news media. News websites such as People.com.cn, Sina.com and more than 30 newspapers such as Beiijing Youth Daily and Southern Metropolitan have reported on the publishing of the book.

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