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About chinadaily.com.cn

The China Daily website was China's first news website at the time of its launch in December 1995 and it remains one of the country's top news portals today. By providing easy access to a wide range of news, business information, photos and syndicated cartoons, Chinadaily.com.cn has grown into an influential source of information for people in and outside of China. Published in Chinese and English, and subject to 3.2 million pageviews a day, Chinadaily.com.cn serves as an online bridge between China and the rest of the world. At present, Chinadaily.com.cn is planning to expand its offerings to better cover the economy, tourism, online education, culture and entertainment in China.


* May 1994 - China Daily launches its electronic edition.
* December 1995 - China Daily unveils its web edition, the country's first national newspaper to go online.
* September 1996 - chinadaily.com.cn establishes a mirror site in US.
* 1997 - chinadaily.com.cn was recommended by America Online as one of global leading news websites.
* 1999 - chinadaily.com.cn makes into the country's Top 10 news portal list, the only English-language website to do so.
* 2000 - chinadaily.com.cn is designated by the Chinese Government as one of the country's five key media websites.
* 2000 - chinadaily.com.cn joins "Asian News Network", an alliance of national daily newspapers in Asia.
* August 2000 - Chinadaily.com.cn launches a bilingual language webpage, Language Tips.
* December 2000 - Chinadaily.com.cn unveils its Chinese-language webpage, worldreport.com.cn
* January 2001 - Chinadaily.com.cn opens its photographic webpage newsphoto.com.cn
* June 2001 - Chinadaily.com.cn tackles living in Beijing with the English-language Metrolife.
* July 2001 - Chinadaily.com.cn launches its newscartoon.com.cn webpage.
* May 2002- Chinadaily.com.cn launches its www.chinagateway.com.cn webpage.
* May 2002- Chinadaily.com.cn unveils its short message service, SMS.
* July 2002- Chinadaily.com.cn opens its Dragonkids webpage, Dragonkids.


News Site

Listed by six major sections covering China News, China Business, World News, World Business, Sports and Life/entertainment, and coupled with more than 100 special full coverage on all important China and world event, the English News Channel serves as a bridge between China and the rest of the world. Counting on a team of professional reporters and editors, and armed with the most advanced modern technology available, the website is able to offer its users information that is up-to -the-minute, accurate and in-depth.

Motto of the channel is: Trust us, we watch and report the world for you!



BDU (Business Daily Update), an online English-language information service run by Chinadaily.com.cn, helps subscribers keep abreast of bustling activities that are taking in China.

Subscription to BDU gives you the latest economic data from the government and information on state polices governing finance, automobile, IT, Construction, trade, Chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, transportation, light industry, and other industries, as well as analysis by top economic experts. More than 200 pieces of carefully drafted information are available for each weekday.

http://bdu.chinadaily.com.cn , one-stop shop for China's economic information for you.


Metro Life

Metro Life is your online resource for living and traveling in China. We provide fresh and extensive information on China's major cities. concerning eating, living, travelling, shopping and recreating.
Visit Metro Life, and find out where to eat and where to do shopping. You'll find:
* Comprehensive information about China's arts, customs, festivals, shopping, restaurants, bars, hotels, travel tips
* Free Classified ads, including job postings, housing, community announcements
Whether you're coming to China for the first time or you're a seasoned "old China hand", we are confident that you will find Metro Life an invaluable source of information.


Language Tips

Language Tips, your faithful English learning guide, will accompany you stroll in English language and British and American culture. We are serious, we are light-hearted and we are interactive.
We have Bilingual News, Words and Their Stories, English Pitfall, Mini-biography, Today in History, Festival on Calendar, City around World, Hot Words and Grammar Bites.
Besides, brilliant bilingual E-magazines are waiting you to subscribe. As long as you register our E-magazine, we will deliver every issue of the E-magazines to your mailbox. Don't miss it!


Study in China

Have you ever dreamed of studying in China? Do you want to learn more about the Chinese culture as well as its galloping economic development? Come to Study in China on chinadaily.com.cn, which gives detailed information on Chinese universities. Let Study in China be your guide!
Based on our "Education in China", Study in China aims at boosting educational and cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world. We introduce China's education system and higher-learning institutions to the world and thus facilitate inter-school co-operations.
This channel also helps Chinese universities recruit foreign students.
The channel features the following columns: Laws and Regulations, Events, China's Universities, Specialties, Enrollment Information, College of the Week, Guide and Feedback.



Launched on January 1, 2001, newsphoto.com.cn is the online platform for exchanging news photos. It aims to promote the communication and transaction between photographers and the media.
Newsphoto.com.cn owns the most advanced photo uploading system, producing photos of the highest quality. The website also boasts of dozens of celebrated photographers in China as members.



Worldreport.com.cn, one of three subsites of chinadaily.com.cn, was launched on March 1, 2001.
Thanks to a keen sense of news, objectivity and fairness on the part of our highly professional journalists and diversified sources from which we get our stories, worldreport.com.cn has now been recognized as one of China's top ICPs for world news. News from the worldreport.com.cn has been daily taken up by major national websites including those run by Xhnet.com.cn, people.com.cn as well as by such big business portals as sina.com, sohu.com.



Every cartoon tells a story. Newscartoon.com.cn showcases a variety of political, social cartoons by China's most famous artists. Jointly launched by chinadaily.com.cn and China Journalistic Caricature Society, newscartoon.com.cn provides an online platform for exchanging cartoons. Registered members are entitled to upload and download cartoons.
Newscartooncom.cn also features biographies of celebrated cartoonists as well as critical comments, news and information about what's happening in the cartoon arena.


Web Design

Want global exposure for your website?
Need an international-standard web designs?
Want your content to be in proper English?
Chinadaily.com.cn can do all these for you and more!

Our Art Design Department has developed a unique style in content construction and web design, thanks to a highly professional and experienced team who have an eye for aesthetics and believe in simplicity, clarity and individuality.
Our professional English-language editors and journalists will help you to realize your aim of "stepping into the world".



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