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Taiwan huge rally opposes Lee's split plan
( 2003-09-08 06:59) (China Daily)

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Taipei Sunday to oppose moves toward independence in the island province.

People holding banners reading "opposing independence to save Taiwan" march in downtown Taipei September 7, 2003. The demonstration came one day after former "President" Lee Teng-hui led a rally to press for the change of Taiwan's name from "Republic of China" to "Taiwan".

Throngs of people defied the hot weather holding banners declaring their opposition to moves to change the island's "official name" from the "Republic of China" to "Taiwan," a move supported by former "president" Li Tung-hui.

The demonstration, which was joined by around 1,000 taxis and private cars, was also in response to a protest held by pro-independence forces at the weekend.

Banners displayed by marchers on the orderly and good natured anti-independence demonstration, which was joined by many passers-by, read: "Against Taiwan Independence," "I am Taiwanese and Chinese as well" and "Direct links for transport, post and trade between Taiwan and the mainland will lead Taiwan to prosperity."

Other marchers sent a very simple but clear message to those seeking to split Taiwan from its motherland, displaying the word "Chinese" on their T-shirts.

Responding to the pro-independence demonstration in Taipei on Saturday, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs' Office in Beijing dismissed the concept of "Taiwan independence."

The spokesman said the demonstration is one of the steps taken by Taiwan pro-independence forces to seek the "gradual independence of Taiwan."

The demonstration, a move which intends to separate Taiwan from China, goes against the majority of Taiwan people's desire for peace, stability and development, said the spokesman.

"It has seriously damaged cross-Straits relations and gone against the primary interests of Taiwan people," he said.

"We believe that Taiwan compatriots will make a distinction between right and wrong and oppose pro-independence activities in any form," he added.

There are no forces that can prevent the final reunification of China, he said.

Xinhua News Agency quoted an angry demonstrator at the anti-independence demonstration as saying: "The so-called name-change that Lee Teng-hui called for was to separate Taiwan from China. But China will never break up."

Ninety-two-year-old Xu Yue-li told Xinhua that she loves China and recognizes herself as Chinese.

"China is my mother and I firmly oppose the name change,'' she said.

A demonstrator surnamed Han, 31, said that it was the first time he had attended such a protest. "My friends and I do not want to see the independence of Taiwan because we are Chinese."

A mother who took her child with her said the name change lobby was "ridiculous."

Young demonstrators swore that China is the motherland of Taiwan people, a right the Taiwan people cannot be deprived of.

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