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  Eating in Beijing
Spicy fish

Asian Games Village Shui-zhuyu Restaurant specializes in fish dishes. The restaurant invites chefs from Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, to offer authentic Sichuan spicy food. It is known for its spicy fish and maoxuewang, an assorted dish with eel sections, squid slices, duck blood, bean sprouts and vegetables.

Location: Building 26, Yiqu, Anhuili, Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District

Telephone: 6496-2739

Spicy chicken

Chuanwei Chicken Restaurant - chuanwei means Sichuan-style - provides typical Chongqing spicy chicken. It is known for its chicken shreds in hot sauce, Chongqing diced chicken with dry-fried peppers and maoxuewang, an assorted spicy dish with eel sections, squid shreds, duck blood, bean sprouts and vegetables.

Location: Inside the Xiyuan Market, Haidian District

Telephone: 6288-2132

Chongqing hotpot

The Tianlong Restaurant offers Chongqing hotpot. In addition, it also offers Mongolia roasted leg of mutton and grilled fish head with soy sauce. Its Sichuan-style food has the typical Chongqing flavour.

Location: 205 Jixiangli, Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District

Telephone: 6553-1818 ext 103

Greasy beef hotpot

Longheju Greasy Beef Hotpot serves Sichuan-style hotpot. It is known for its greasy beef and other ingredients. Recommended dishes at the restaurant also include the assorted cold dish with four different foods, crucian carp cooked with pepper and spare ribs cooked in a bamboo tube.

Location: 80 Tiantan Donglu, Chongwen District

Telephone: 6714-2334

Beijing cuisine

The statue of an old man in front of the Beipinglou Restaurant reminds you of old-time Beijing food. Dishes not to miss include earthen jar-stewed pork and crispy fish.

Location: A1 Beitaipingzhuang Lu, Haidian District

Telephone: 6202-3871

Northeast China food

Do not fooled by Xiaotudou Restaurant's name. Xiaotudou, or small potato,means unimportant people. But this restaurant treats you like a king, serving Northeast China stewed food.

Recommended dished at the restaurant include small potatoes served with soy sauce paste, stewed chopped sheep stomach and intestines, stewed yellow croaker, small fish and shrimp stewed with sea hair, and turtle stewed with chicken.

Location: A12 Puhuanglu, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District

Telephone: 6762-9084


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