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Major breakthroughs are unlikely in the Sino-Russian pipeline talks in the new year, even though both governments have vowed to advance bilateral energy co-operation, experts suggest.

Breakthroughs unlikely in Sino-Russian pipeline talks
Experts: No quick action on forex reserves
Evaluation to improve gov't energy strategy
Negotiations stuck over sugar access
Asian nations battle bird flu
Strong euro raising international concern
Giants polish image in China
Weekly Review

Overseas bonanza: A visitor to a Beijing telecoms show uses her mobile phone while she stands in front of a billboard promoting ZTE's 3G mobile technologies. Huawei Technologies and ZTE, China's top two telecoms equipment makers, are racking up sales overseas.

While many foreign telecoms equipment makers look to China as a big market to sell products, their Chinese counterparts are finding a key growth engine in overseas markets.

Telcos make it big overseas
China's laptop landscape to change

Bigger fur market: Two consumers look at a fur coat in a department store in Beijing. Fur dealers hope to establish a fur auction company to promote the fur business in China.

The watch on your wrist tells more than time - it reveals who you are.

OMEGA's hands point to China's market
US officials launch anti-dumping probe
Biotech research takes giant leap forward
Domestic fur demand increases
Shopping centres to open CEPA counters
McDATA to enlarge share of Asian market
IN BRIEF (Page: 1, Date: 01/20/2004)

Bull run: China Life employees celebrate the firm's successful listing on the Hong Kong stock market in December. Thanks to the roaring economy on the mainland, H shares of Hong Kong-listed mainland firms met overseas investors' frenzied demand.

Stock policy: Investors stare at an automated bulletin board listing stock indices in a securities house in Shanghai. China might, over the next few years, sell off State-owned shares gradually, and at prices set by market forces, suggest the industry regulators.

Stock policy
Expert: Investor protection must be priority
Shenzhen anxious to launch second board
Morgan Stanley seeking major role in CCB's IPO
Dollar's decline a wake-up call
Bank One to combine with JP Morgan Chase
Gov't to sell off shares gradually
HOME markets
EXCHANGE RATES (01/20/2004)
IN BRIEF (Page: 7, Date: 01/20/2004)

It is near the end of the year, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, but many migrant workers have still not received their wages for their year's labour.

Gov't must represent workers' interests
Foreign trade growth a double-edged sword
Weekly review

Outbreaks: A worker collects sick chickens to be destroyed at a farm in Chachoengsao Province, 60 kilometres east of Bangkok, last week. Thailand, one of the world's major chicken producers, is free of bird flu, but is battling an outbreak of cholera in its poultry industry, a senior disease control official said last Tuesday. There have been outbreaks of bird flu in Viet Nam, South Korea and Japan.

HONG KONG Exhibits held

Transformer maker transformed
Trade deficit shrinks unexpectedly in November
EU leaders worry about euro rise
Negotiations stuck over sugar access
Asian nations battle bird flu
Strong euro raising international concern
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