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Haihunhou: Remains of a short reign

By Wang Kaihao (China Daily) Updated: 2015-12-22 07:20 Comments

Haihunhou: Remains of a short reign

Archaeologists clear the upper layer of the main coffin. [Photo by Guo Jing/China Daily]

Marquis Haihun was the title given to Liu He (92 BC-59 BC) after he was dethroned.

Liu's reign lasted for only 27 days, the shortest among Western Han monarchs, and he lost his throne because of his debauchery and licentious lifestyle.

Nevertheless, he was allowed to reside near Boyang Lake and the title of marquis remained with the family for three generations.

Though archaeologists are still not sure if the tomb they discovered belongs to Liu, and will release final conclusions at a news conference on Christmas Day, one discovery makes it likely that the tomb is his.

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